Increase your sales with practical lessons from one of the world’s leading social influencers

Generate better quality prospects, drive faster conversions and boost sales through your digital channels. Lilach Bullock, one of Forbes’ top 20 women social media influencers and crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, teaches you everything you need to know about selling using online channels.

You’ll also put theory into practice across four projects where you can implement your learnings straight away into your own business. No matter what your product or service, if you have an online presence, this course is for you.

Learn from the best

Lilach Bullock is one of the world’s foremost experts on social media marketing for small businesses. A highly regarded speaker on the world circuit, she was listed in Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers and crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle.

Build your personal brand

Position yourself as a thought leader, influencer, and go-to expert in your field. Learn what makes you attractive to potential customers and how to use social media channels to enhance your credibility to drive leads and sales.

Create your content plan

Plan, create, and schedule content on your website and social media channels that cuts through to your target customer personas. Take a holistic view of your content to place the right content on the right channel at the right time.

Close sales and increase conversions

Learn how to optimize your sales channels to increase conversions. Your buyer personas and customer journey map will help identify points of friction to relieve and highlight the ideal time to close sales.

Connect deeply with customers

Take a deep-dive into the minds of your customers to identify and develop buyer personas. These personas will allow you to target the right customers when and where it is most effective, and deliver sales messages that speak directly to their personal motivations.

Grow and nurture your audience

Increase the number leads in your sales funnel and develop meaningful connections through ongoing content nurturing. Learn how to capture leads, and get an insight into marketing automation tools to continue your conversation.

Measure and optimize success

Track and measure the success of your content and campaigns by developing a robust analytics and data strategy. Continue to hone your content and digital channels to increase conversions and sales and reduce overall costs.

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This course is delivered in partnership with Simplilearn, named the Top 2017 IT Training Company by Training Industry. You’ll be learning from the best digital and social selling expert, on an award-winning training platform.

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Study your way

100% online and self-paced, learn when and where it’s convenient for you. The Digital and Social Selling Certified Associate includes five hours of video content across seven learning topics. Complete real-life projects, quizzes and a final exam to receive your certification.

To become a Digital & Social Selling Certified Professional, you must; successfully complete 85 percent of the course, complete one project and one simulation test, complete assessment with a minimum score of 60 percent.


Course graduates

4 / 5

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Module 0 - Introduction to Digital and Social Selling


Module 1 – Attract your customers

Section 1 – Introduction to Digital Selling-Beyond Social Selling – 49:38

1.1 What is Digital Selling? – 15:06

1.2 What Makes a Successful Digital Business – 12:11

1.3 The Difference between Digital Selling and Social Selling – 09:14

1.4 The Importance of Digital Sales Tools – 13:07


Section 2 – Developing Digital Selling Credibility – 1:52:55

2.1 Importance of Developing a Strong Social Media Profile – 14:17

2.2 Advantages of Building a Personal Brand – 13:48

2.3 Building a Strong Personal Brand – 21:34

2.4 Enhancing Social Credibility – 17:04

2.5 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 1 – 11:15

2.6 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 2 – 12:19

2.7 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 3 – 09:13

2.8 Managing Your Social Platforms Part 4 – 13:25


Project 1 – Building Digital Sales Credibility

Module 2 – Connect with your customers

Section 3 – Digital Research and Developing Buyer Personas – 1:40:29

3.1 Defining the Buyer Journey – 14:23

3.2 Introduction to Digital Buyer Profiles – 08:57

3.3 Honing Your Target Buyer Personas – 21:01

3.4 The Value of Sales Intelligence – 21:44

3.5 Sales Intelligence Tools and How to Use Them – 18:02

3.6 Researching Market Trends – 16:22


Section 4 – Turning Digital Connections into Sales Conversations – 1:14:31

4.1 CRM and Marketing Automation and Their Value in Digital Selling – 20:16

4.2 The Importance of A Digital Sales Hub – 08:37

4.3 Measuring Buyer Engagement – 11:17

4.4 Introduction to Digital Selling Tools – 12:36

4.5 Converting Prospects into Customers – 21:45


Project 2 – Identifying Buyer Personas

Module 3 – Engage with your customers

Section 5 – Building Sales Engagement Through Content Marketing – 55:20

5.1 Creating Persona-specific Content and Delivering It – 11:19

5.2 Establishing Thought Leadership – 09:53

5.3 Setting Up Your Content Creation Calendar – 10:20

5.4 Creating a Multi-channel Campaign – 11:23

5.5 Essential Content Management Tools – 12:25


Project 3 – Building Content Marketing Plan

Module 4 – Convert and Grow your customers

Section 6 – Developing an Integrated Digital Selling Strategy – 38:27

6.1 Optimizing Your Campaign Calendar – 09:34

6.2 Tailoring Your Message to Suit the Buyer Persona – 08:33

6.3 How to Engage with Buyer Personas to Drive Sales – 11:09

6.4 Managing Your Digital Sales Campaigns – 09:11


Section 7 – Digital Selling Beyond Customer Acquisition – 41:10

7.1 Importance of Developing Customer Relationships – 11:25

7.2 Using Digital Selling to Aid Customer Expansion – 08:07

7.3 Handling Negative Customer Experiences – 12:04

7.4 The Future of Social and Digital Selling – 09:34


Project 4 – Building Integrated Selling Strategy

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