Learn hands-on from the world's best digital marketers

Kick start your digital marketing career or develop your existing skills through online digital marketing courses from experts recognised by the likes of Forbes, Google, Oracle, and the Digital Analytics Association as the best in their field, as well as case studies from the world’s biggest brands.

Then put theory into practice in projects and simulations in all courses, letting you test your skills and build your portfolio as you learn and gain experience with key digital marketing platforms. Graduate with the skills, experience, and qualifications you need to land your next job or client.

Start your career with experience and the certification you need

Designed for new or inexperienced marketers, the Digital Marketing Certified Associate and Digital and Social Selling Certified Associate will give you the skills and knowledge you need to launch your marketing or e-commerce career.

Digital Marketing Certified Associate

Kick start your digital marketing career with real-life experience and up to five in-demand certifications from 48 hours of video content across 17 learning modules. Then put theory into practice as you launch and market your own website and complete real-to-life scenarios in the Mimic Pro digital marketing simulator.

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Digital and Social Selling Certified Associate

The ultimate course for those starting to sell online, or looking to boost their e-commerce sales. Generate better quality prospects, drive faster conversions and boost sales through your digital channels. Make improvements or build your channels in four projects where you can implement learnings straight away into your own business.

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Get certified with the world's biggest ad platforms

Learn two of the world’s biggest online ads platforms inside out under the guidance of experts. Then show your skills and experience by taking certification exams to become an official expert.

Google AdWords Professional Certification

The ultimate course for those looking to pass their AdWords certification exams first time. Over more than 13 hours of video lessons and six practice exams, you’ll gain best-practice knowledge you can directly implement in the world’s biggest ads platform.

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Twitter Advertising Certification

Craft more engaging Tweets and run strategic advertising and marketing campaigns that grow your audience using insights and best practice directly from Twitter. Learn content strategy, analytics, and the Twitter Ads platform in five modules of video lessons.

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Advance your knowledge with a deep dive into a digital marketing niche

Take your knowledge to the next level by learning a specialised digital marketing niche. Perfect for those looking to become an expert in their field, or those wanting a deeper knowledge of digital marketing topics and platforms.

Content Marketing Certification

Become a content leader within your business as you build a case for content marketing, develop a content strategy, find your perfect audience, connect with influencers, and deliver content that converts.

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Search Engine Optimisation Certification

Build your web presence from the ground up with search and your customers in mind with this 360-degree view of search engine optimisation. Complete relevant keyword research, developing your SEO strategy, and execute with best practice.

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Social Media Marketing Certification

Learn how to start crafting content that truly engages and directs your prospects towards a purchase. Spread the word as you leverage influencers and reviews to tell your brand story, and continually optimise your content through robust measurement and analytics.

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Web Analytics Certification

Whether you wish to start a career in analytics, or better understand your current digital channels, this course will provide you with the skills and experience you need to hit the ground running. Learn how to develop your web analytics strategy and begin measuring what is really important to your business.

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Website Conversion Rate Optimisation Certification

Turn your website visitors into paying customers through best-practice website conversion optimisation. Under the guidance of one of the world’s best online sales experts, peek behind the curtain of how leading companies scale their digital sales and increase ROI.

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Find your next job using the power of social media

Take your knowledge to the next level by learning a specialised digital marketing niche. Perfect for those looking to become an expert in their field, or those wanting a deeper knowledge of digital marketing topics and platforms.

Build a Strong Personal Brand

Under the guidance of social media expert and author of three books, Jennifer Evans Cario, develop a personal brand so strong that employers will be knocking on your door with job offers.

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