Build authority and increase rankings with customer-first, best practice SEO taught by an industry guru

Optimise your website to become a search traffic machine by completing relevant keyword research, developing your SEO strategy, and executing with best practice. Taught by Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic and author of Internet Marketing: An Hour A DayWired to be Wowed, and Teach New Dogs Old Tricks, learn through more than 17 hours of video theory and software walkthroughs, before putting your learning into practice across five hands-on projects.

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Join Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic and author of Internet Marketing: An Hour A DayWired to be Wowed, and Teach New Dogs Old Tricks for all lessons in this course. An authority on internet marketing, Matt serves on the Advisory Board for Incisive Media’s Search Engine Strategies conferences and is one of their highest-rated speakers.

Find the perfect keywords that rank and answer questions

Learn how to develop your keyword lists using research and the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), and use them as part of an effective strategy to build the information architecture of your website and develop content.

Create an inbound link strategy

After completing keyword and competitor research, you’ll learn how to identify the perfect websites to approach for inbound link building. These will not only help your search ranking, but build authority within your niche.

Develop your marketing plan

Using your best-practice understanding of SEO, develop your own content-centric marketing strategy. Through a combination of search optimisation and inbound referral traffic, you’ll identify your ideal customer, and provide them with relevant and engaging content that builds authority and answers search questions.

Review and improve your current content

Use the provided template to complete an audit of your current website to uncover what content is performing, and what can easily be improved. Learn how to create site SEO reports including highlights with action times and a list of priorities.

Build your website customer-first

Develop your website with a customer-first focus, ensuring all pages, menus, and content include what your prospects are searching, and using terminology they understand.

Begin your keyword research with this free sample lesson

Join Matt for an 11-minute sample lesson from the Search Engine Optimisation Course, Keywords: the foundation. Learn the different types of keywords, and how different searches apply to different parts of your customer’s journey. Simply enter your details to immediately begin the obligation-free lesson.

Study your way

100% online and self-paced, learn when and where it’s convenient for you. The Search Engine Optimisation Certification Training includes more than 17 hours of video content across 10 learning topics. You’ll complete five practical projects where you will put theory into practice, and test your knowledge in a number of progress quizzes.

To complete your course and receive your certificate you must complete 85% of the course, as well as three projects and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.

Section 1 : Introduction to SEO

What You’ll Learn in this Course – 11:39

The Business Impact of SEO – 14:30

SEO Terms & Definitions – 10:06

SEO Business Concepts – 10:59


Section 2 : How Search Engines Work

The Search Engine Landscape – 10:39

Analyzing Search Results – 14:44

The Search Engine Index – 13:58


Section 3 : Keyword Research

Keywords: The Foundation – 11:38

Keyword Research: Keyword Tool Overview – 11:42

Build A Keyword List – 09:37

Analyze Your Keywords: Long Tail And Short Tail – 14:10

Analyze Your Keywords: Explore Opportunities – 16:52

Analyze Your Keywords: Plan For Trends & Cycles – 13:29

Analyze Your Keywords: Group & Manage – 16:07


Section 4 : On-Page Optimization

Key On-Page Elements – 09:12

Optimize Content Hierarchy – 15:10

Optimize Content – 17:22

Optimize Content With HTML5 – 11:57

Optimize For Mobile – 16:22


Section 5 : Website Management And Optimzation

Domain Signals For SEO – 09:57

Manage Website URLs – 14:39

Identify And Remove Duplicate Content – 10:56

Additional Optimization & Management – 19:23

Webmaster Tools – 09:58

Moving To A New Domain Or Redesign – 13:37

Google’s History Of Major Algorithm Updates – 16:33


Section 6 : Off-Page SEO

The Importance Of Links Part1 – 15:40

The Importance Of Links Part 2 – 19:15

Evaluating Backlinks – 11:25

Seven Methods Of Link Building – 16:37

Build Links Through Social Networks And Social Media Sites – 10:21

Advanced Concepts And Best Practices For Linking – 15:11


Section 7 : Planning A New Website

Choose A Domain Name – 12:45

Organize Content Structure – 17:55

Develop URL Structure – 14:47


Section 8 : Market Your Optimized Website

Conducting Competitive Audit – 21:01

Why You Should Not Rely On Rankings – 13:05

Create A Marketing Plan – 22:07

SEO And Marketing Teams – 17:53

Claim And Manage Your Business Listing – 06:35


Section 9 : Analytics And Measurement

Intro To Measurement – 09:49

Analytics Terms And Concepts – 10:25

Measuring Goals And Goal Values – 09:53

Measure And Analyze The Bounce Rate – 08:23

Critical Reports To Improve Your SEO – 10:05


Section 10 : What's Next—Learning Path

Learning Path – 06:36

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