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    The ultimate guide to digital marketing certifications

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rookie digital marketer looking to establish your career, a freelancer wanting to prove your abilities to new clients, or a veteran hoping to upskill in a new discipline, it’s important to get officially certified.

    Becoming certified means you have met the requirements of a particular platform or industry body, and have proven your ability and knowledge in a specific area. So get ready to update your LinkedIn and CV, here is our guide to the must-have certificates for all digital marketing professionals.

    Professional bodies

    Like all industries, digital marketing has a number of professional bodies who accredit members based on their competence and experience.

    Online Marketing Certified Professional

    The Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) certifications verify up-to-date knowledge, education, and experience as determined by experts and research into digital marketing roles. OMCP awards two levels of certification; OMCP Certification for expert digital marketers, and the Online Marketing Certified Associate for those new to the industry.

    Both certifications involve exams and proof of experience, with ongoing professional development required to maintain your certification.

    The Digital Marketing Institute

    The Digital Marketing Institute accredits students through a number of courses at the sub-bachelor and post-graduate levels. Their industry approved courses certify graduates within their profession, however, do not require ongoing accreditation.

    The Internet Marketing Association

    The Internet Marketing Association offers a Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) certification program online for students. Students who complete the required coursework and pass their final exam become certified and a member of the IMA. The body also has free and premium membership options, but these do not include any type of certification.

    Product-specific certification

    Ready to show you’re an expert in a particular marketing or advertising platform? Get certified directly with some of the world’s biggest brands.

    Google AdWords Certified Professional

    Through the Google Partner’s Program, Google offers digital marketers the chance to become certified in all disciplines associated with their AdWords platform. Google AdWords certification shows that an individual has demonstrated proficiency in both basic and advanced aspects of AdWords and that Google recognises them as an expert in online advertising.

    To become an AdWords Certified Professional, you must pass two exams; the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the following: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising. You can also become certified in all or more than one AdWord discipline.

    There is no registration cost for Google AdWords Certification Exams, and accreditation lasts for 12 months from the date of passing your exams.

    Facebook Certified Professional

    Facebook’s advertising learning portal, Facebook Blueprint, offers certification in both the buying and planning of Facebook Ads. Blueprint Certifications are designed for individuals with advanced-level competency in the Facebook Ads platform with badges awarded on completion of exams.

    Blueprint also offers free eLearning courses to help prepare you for exams, as well as practice exams to try before you try the real thing. Facebook Certified Professional exams are free to take and requires ongoing testing to remain certified.

    Google Analytics Individual Qualification

    Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ), demonstrates that an individual has an advanced proficiency in the Google Analytics platform. Like the Google AdWords Certifications, the IQ exam is available on the Google Partner portal and consists of multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 90 minutes.

    The IQ exam is free to take, with certification valid for 18 months. Google’s Analytics Academy also offers free online courses to help prepare you for the IQ exam.

    Twitter Advertising Certification

    Developed in partnership with Simplilearn and Twitter, the Twitter Advertising Certification is available through both Murphy College and Simplilearn. The certification course takes students through Twitter Ads best practice and does not require a final exam or ongoing accreditation.

    Tips for getting certified

    With so many courses and certificates available, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. To help cut through all the noise and get the certificates you need, simply follow these steps.

    Find your niche

    Sometimes it’s better to be a master of one specialty than a jack of all trades or badge collector. By focusing and becoming an expert in one discipline or platform you can really differentiate yourself as a specialist and thought leader.

    Don’t just try to pass exams

    Yes, it’s important to pass exams, but it’s also just as important to learn the theory behind the exams. Use your learning to become an expert, not just rote learn concepts and keywords. And as tempting as it can be, don’t cheat your exams by Googling answers, if you don’t know the answer in the exam, chances are you won’t know it when it comes up in your professional life.

    Take a course

    Every certification has associated courses through the certifying body or private providers. To really take a deep dive into the topic, take all the courses you can and really become an expert. Not only will it help you breeze through the exams, you’ll also find nuggets of knowledge you’ll be able to apply in your work.

    Keep learning

    Just because you pass your exam doesn’t mean the learning is over. Many certifications require reaccreditation or demonstration of professional development, so keep an eye out for courses that might interest you, read digital marketing blogs, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube channels. Once you’re on the cutting edge of the industry, you don’t want to let your knowledge slip.

    See how you can get certified

    The Digital Marketing Certified Associate course gets you certified as an Online Marketing Certified Associate, as well as with Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter!

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    7 tips to craft the perfect tweet that cuts through

    Writing a 140-character post sounds easy. But the truth is, crafting a tweet that someone wants to engage with or share is an art form that few businesses have truly mastered.

    So, to help your next Twitter post cut through, we’ve developed this handy checklist to follow every time you tweet based on research from Twitter.

    Keep it simple stupid

    Yes, smarty pants, we know all tweets are short. But never forget that Twitter is a news platform, with users scanning their feed for all the latest information about their interests.

    This is a good thing because as marketers we can be more direct with messaging, and it’s where creative copy will really shine.

    And just because you have 140 characters to use, it doesn’t mean you have to.

    Twitter research has shown that tweets with 50 characters or less have 56% more engagement than those with 100 characters or more. If you struggle to cut down your copy, tools like the Hemmingway App are great for finding and removing unnecessary words.

    Call for action

    Don’t be afraid to tell your audience what to do! Whether it’s encouraging engagement or driving traffic, your followers are more likely to interact if you ask them to.

    For maximum participation, it’s best to make any call to action simple, achievable, realistic, and fun. People are much more likely to tweet you a funny picture to enter a competition than write a boring 5,000-word essay.

    So next time your tweet, think about a “tweet us”, “click here”, or “buy now” to add to your copy.

    Celebrate moments

    Twitter is truly the real-time social media platform. This provides you with the opportunity to connect live with your audience during key moments of their year.

    Mapping out relevant cultural events like holidays, festivals, and celebrations, and developing associated content can be engaging for your audience – especially when paired with humour or special deals.


    Twitter hashtags serve two purposes for marketers; creating brand conversation and making tweets searchable.

    This means that using the correct hashtags is important for all tweets. Make sure that you’ve researched hashtags before adding them to any tweet, this is extra important if you’re creating a new hashtag around your brand.

    It’s also important to no overuse hashtags in your post as it distracts your audience and makes it harder to take action. Best practice is to keep it to three or fewer hashtags per tweet.

    Get emotional

    It doesn’t matter if you make them laugh or cry, getting an emotional response from your audience is far more likely to encourage engagement.

    This is because social media users share emotional content to express themselves or to have a connection with their own network. So where possible, be funny, inspiring, or enlightening to your audience.

    Show and tell

    The perfect tweet is about more than just written copy. Adding images or video to your tweet is a great way to increase engagement and stop readers as they scroll through their feed,

    Tweets with rich media receive 313% more engagement than those without and are retweeted 52% more. And if you’re not a graphic design guru, free tools like Canva are a great way to create beautiful images that are perfect for social media use.

    Learn how to craft the perfect tweet with a free lesson

    Join Eric for a 5-minute sample lesson, Tips and Tricks for Creating an Effective tweet, to learn how you can quickly and easily increase your engagement on Twitter using data insights. Simply enter your details to immediately begin the obligation-free lesson.