Engage and grow your audience with best-practice techniques straight from Twitter HQ

Craft more engaging Tweets and strategic advertising and marketing campaigns that grow your audience using insights and best practice directly from Twitter. Join Eric Subur, Digital Marketer for the Small to Medium Business Team at Twitter, as he teaches you content strategy, analytics, how to create a Twitter marketing strategy, and the Twitter Ads platform in five modules of video lessons in the Twitter Marketing Course.

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Gain insights from Twitter

Using data analysis from millions of tweets and development insights, you’ll go behind the curtain of what content and Twitter Ads really work. Developed and taught by Twitter’s own Eric Subur, you’ll get information directly from the source and learn how to use Twitter for business marketing.

Connect with your audience

Take your prospects through a strategic and well-defined nurture funnel that grows your audience and builds lasting engagement. Learn how to execute different Twitter Ad campaigns at the right time, and when to make an all-important call to action.

Set up your Twitter Ads correctly

Use best practice to structure your Twitter Ad account to execute campaigns, retarget prospects, and collect meaningful analytics. Learn how to measure your results and extract key insights to optimise performance and minimise ad spend.

Craft the perfect tweets

Directly implement insights such as how Tweets of 50 characters or less increase engagement by 56%, rich media increases retweets by 52%, and learn how to research and select the perfect hashtag so your content is searchable.

Create effective Twitter Ad campaigns

Learn how to target those interested in your product or service, and use Twitter’s live signals to reach them at the ideal moment. Then create perfectly crafted ads using three actionable steps and the correct campaign type and objectives.

See best-practice case studies

Learn how Commbank increased positive brand sentiment by 12%, The Fred Hollows Foundation exceeded their engagement target by 103%, and how Magic Sewa achieved 3,000 app downloads from an ad spend of less than $2,000.

Learn how to craft the perfect tweet with a free lesson

Join Eric for a 5-minute sample lesson from the Twitter Marketing Course, Tips and Tricks for Creating an Effective tweet, to learn how you can quickly and easily increase your engagement on Twitter using data insights. Simply enter your details to immediately begin the obligation-free lesson.

Study your way

100% online and self-paced, learn when and where it’s convenient for you. The Twitter Advertising Certificate includes more than an hour of video content across five learning topics. This course does not include exams or projects, simply complete 85% of the course to unlock your certificate.


Course graduates

4.2 / 5

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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Twitter Advertising

1.1 Introduction – 01:29

1.2 How is Twitter Unique – 01:17

1.3 Difference Between Twitter and Facebook – 00:30

1.4 Why Use Twitter – 00:46

1.5 Twitter for Business – 01:12

1.6 Introduction to Twitter Ads – 01:29

1.7 Objective of Twitter Ads – 00:38

1.8 Twitter Ads Bidding – 00:30

1.9 Targetting Audience – 01:46

1.10 Targetting Example; Dating Apps – 01:07

1.11 Tailored Targetting – 02:04

Lesson 2 - Getting Started with Twitter Ads

2.1 IntroductionPreview – 00:13

2.2 Step 1 – Twitter Followers Campaign – 01:56

2.3 Step 2 – Driving Conversions – 01:53

2.4 Twitter Audience Platform – 01:39

2.5 Example – Driving Conversion through Follower Campaign – 00:36

2.6 Step 3 – Promoted Trends – 05:07

2.7 Promoted Trends Pricing – 00:56

Lesson 3 - Twitter Ad Campaigns

3.1 Setting Up a Campaign – 03:05

3.2 Select Audience – 01:00

3.3 Campaign Targetting – 04:06

3.4 Setting a Budget – 01:40

3.5 Creatives Selection – 03:30

Lesson 4 - Twitter Analytics

4.1 Understanding Twitter Analytics Dashboard – 06:52

4.2 Setting up the Conversion Tag – 03:46

4.3 Building a Tailored Audience List – 03:29

Lesson 5 - Case Studies Tips and Best Practices

5.1 Case Study 1 – Fred Hollows Foundation – 04:14

5.2 Case Study 2 – MAGICSEWA – 02:37

5.3 Tips and Tricks of creating an Effective Tweet – 05:24

5.4 Best Practices and Testing Plans to Increase Performance – 05:11

5.5 Summary – 00:25

5.6 Conclusion – 00:40

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