Get hands-on practice to track and measure your online success under the guidance of one of the world’s best analysts

Dive hands-first into Google Analytics to gain an in-depth knowledge of analytics, research, and reporting across 15 practical projects. Under the guidance of Stéphane Hamel, the Digital Analytics Association’s Most Influential Industry Contributor and creator of the Digital Analytics Maturity Model, you’ll receive more than 15 hours of video content across 17 learning models, before testing your new skills in a final simulation exam.

Whether you wish to start a career in analytics, or better understand your current digital channels, this course will provide you with the skills and experience you need to hit the ground running.

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Stéphane Hamel is a Google Product Strategy wizard and was named the Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association. His work has made significant contributions to the industry, including creating the Digital Analytics Maturity Model – an important framework that helps businesses develop their analytics strategies.

Tie analytics to business objectives

Build a robust analytical model that allows you to track and measure what’s important, and bring all metrics back to your business and customers. See how you can add creativity to interpreting data to bring a deeper insight into your online presence.

Interpret data and make recommendations

Discover the art of taking data and metrics and using your analytical skills to interpret what is happening and make recommendations for improvement. You’ll also learn how to make single-page reports and dashboards to share with your superiors for quick and easy reporting.

Build a solid analytical base

Begin your course by gaining a strong understanding of everything digital analytics, including hands-on experience in Google Analytics with a test account. After learning the basics, you’ll be ready to begin using more advanced reporting features.

Collect and report on data

Learn how to export collected data from platforms like Google Analytics, and how to place them into meaningful tables, graphs, and reports to share. Use real-life data in your project to create your first report and build your experience.

Track and measure the customer lifecycle

Create a model that allows your business to identify your ideal customer, track their interactions with your digital channels, measure their engagement and purchases, and follow their journey through to being a repeat customer.

Understand the fundamentals of digital analytics in this free sample lesson

Join Stéphane for an 8-minute sample lesson, Fundamentals of Digital Analytics. Learn about the different aspects and types of analytics, and how they can be used within your business to measure and improve your success. Simply enter your details to immediately begin the obligation-free lesson.

Study your way

100% online and self-paced, learn when and where it’s convenient for you. The Content Marketing Certification Training includes more than 15 hours of video content across 17 learning topics. You’ll complete 14 practical projects where you will put theory into practice, and test your knowledge in 16 progress quizzes.

To complete your course and receive your certificate you must complete 85% of the course, as well as seven projects and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.


Course graduates

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Average course rating

Section 1 : Introduction To Digital Analytics

1 Introduction To Digital Analytics 16:54

2 Quiz

Section 2 : Building Blocks

1 Building Blocks Part 1 04:21

2 Building Blocks Part 2 21:33

3 Quiz

Section 3 : Fundamentals Of Digital Analytics

1 Fundamentals Of Digital Analytics Part 1 08:02

2 Fundamentals Of Digital Analytics Part 2 14:39

3 Fundamentals Of Digital Analytics Part 3 13:59

4 Fundamentals Of Digital Analytics Part 4 08:34

5 Quiz

Section 4 : Business Perspective

1 Business Perspective Part 1 09:23

2 Business Perspective Part 2 09:37

3 Business Perspective Part 3 11:32

4 Business Perspective Part 4 14:20

5 Quiz

Section 5 : Methodology - Lean Six Sigma

1 The Methodology—Lean Six Sigma Part 1 05:28

2 The Methodology—Lean Six Sigma Part 2 09:29

3 The Methodology—Lean Six Sigma Part 3 10:36

4 Quiz

Section 6 : Data Analysis Fundamentals

1 Data Analysis Fundamentals 16:22

2 Quiz

Section 7 : Analysis Perspective Providing Insights

1 Analysis Perspective: Providing Insights 18:30

2 Expressing Exactitude Or A Sense Of Scale 16:53

3 Quiz

Section 8 : Enabling Capabilities

1 Enabling Capabilities Part 1 19:51

2 Enabling Capabilities Part 2 08:18

3 Enabling Capabilities Part 3 09:27

4 Enabling Capabilities Part 4 14:30

5 Quiz

Section 9 : Managing Analytics

1 Managing Analytics Part 1 13:47

2 Managing Analytics Part 2 07:53

3 Managing Analytics Part 3 19:22

4 Quiz

Section 10 : Audience

1 Audience 15:48

2 Quiz

Section 11 : Acquisition

1 Acquisition Part 1 09:56

2 Acquisition Part 2 07:14

3 Acquisition Part 3 14:33

4 Acquisition Part 4 13:13

5 Quiz

Section 12 : Behavior

1 Behavior Part 1 11:46

2 Behavior Part 2 16:57

3 Quiz

Section 13 : Conversions & Onboarding

1 Conversions And Onboarding Part 1 15:23

2 Conversions And Onboarding Part 2 13:12

3 Conversions And Onboarding Part 3 13:46

4 Conversions And Onboarding Part 4 08:19

5 Quiz

Section 14 : Retention And Expansion

1 Retention And Expansion Part 1 10:47

2 Retention And Expansion Part 2 14:36

3 Quiz

Section 15 : Advocacy

1 Advocacy Part 1 08:13

2 Advocacy Part 2 07:02

3 Quiz

Section 16 : Privacy And Ethics

1 Privacy And Ethics 17:23

2 Quiz

Section 17 : Wrapping Up

1 Wrapping Up 08:23

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