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Peek behind the curtain of how leading companies scale their digital sales and increase ROI with the Website Conversion Rate Optimisation course. Lilach Bullock, one of Forbes’ top 20 women social media influencers and crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, will teach you everything you need to know about increasing your conversions through more than 15 hours of video content, industry case studies, and practical tests and assignments.

You’ll delve into the art and science of how to build a systematic and repeatable framework that consistently increases conversion rates. And at the end of the course, become a certified Website Conversion Rate Optimisation Practitioner with OMCP, the world’s leading marketing accreditation body.

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Lilach Bullock is one of the world’s foremost experts on social media and website marketing for small businesses. A highly regarded speaker on the world circuit, she was listed in Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers and crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle.

Design pages that convert

Make every element matter as you look at everything from buttons, navigation, links, and page layout to maximise conversions. Right down to colours, size, and shape, you’ll implement best practice to capture leads and make sales.

Measure And Optimize Success

Learn methods to track and measure the success of your website by developing a robust testing and analytics strategy. Continue to hone your content and digital channels to increase conversions and sales and reduce overall costs with heatmaps, web analytics and the website conversion rate optimisation toolbox.

Plan websites to sell

Learn how to develop customer personas for visitors to your website and plan your content and site structure customer-first to meet their needs and pain points. Then create a user journey that will take them from searcher to repeat customer with minimal friction.

Create content that influences

Build trust and start developing conversations with your prospects through effective content. Using the AIDAS method, you’ll make every page of your website must-read, and develop a meaningful relationship with your audience that increases your sales conversions.

Use advertising to increase conversions

Run pay-per-click campaigns that perfectly align with your website and customer’s journey. Matched to your customer avatars, learn to find the perfect keywords and optimal bids, all while monitoring campaigns to respond to results in real time.

Learn the three steps to increased conversions in this free lesson

Join Lilach  for an 8-minute sample lesson from the Website Conversion Rate Optimisation course, Three Steps to Increase Conversion. Learn how to take a holistic approach to your website and landing pages to ensure they are relevant and maximise conversions. Simply enter your details to immediately begin the obligation-free lesson.

Study your way

100% online and self-paced, learn when and where it’s convenient for you. The Website Conversion Rate Optimisation course includes more than 15 hours of video content across nine learning topics. You’ll complete five practical projects where you will put theory into practice, and test your knowledge in a number of progress quizzes.

To complete your course and receive your certificate you must complete 85% of the course, as well as three projects and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.

Section 1 : Introduction to Website Conversion Rate Optimization

  • 1 Introduction to Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • 2 Quiz

Section 2 : Conversion Planning

  •  1 Three Steps To Increase Conversion – 08:36
  • 2 Developing An Optimization Framework – 24:27
  • 3 Getting To Know The Four Key Personas – 12:00
  • 4 Planning With Personas – 18:10
  • 5 Quiz

Section 3 : The Design Concepts Of Conversion

  • 1 Designing For Conversion – 09:46
  • 2 Building The Perfect Landing Page – 16:51
  • 3 Designing For Mobile – 10:42
  • 4 The 2 Minute Visitor – 07:55
  • 5 Quiz

Section 4 : Creating Conversion Structure

  • 1 Discovering The Testing Cycle – 09:01
  • 2 Eye Tracking Heatmaps And Visual Clarity – 08:55
  • 3 Website Conversion Rate Optimization Toolbox – 06:48
  • 4 Quiz

Section 5 : Gaining Momentum

  • 1 Building Your Credibility – 06:29
  • 2 All About Us – 05:51
  • 3 Build A Consistent Trail – 07:04
  • 4 Attention Interest Desire Action Satisfaction (AIDAS) – 05:12
  • 5 Quiz

Section 6 : Starting The Conversation

  • 1 Optimizing Your Web Copy – 07:43
  • 2 The Voice Of The Customer – 03:56
  • 3 Improving Blog Conversions – 06:39
  • 4 Getting Email Marketing Right – 05:29
  • 5 Quiz

Section 7 : Web Analytics Analysis And Measurement

  • 1 Analytics And Optimization – 08:01
  • 2 Working With KPI – 10:38
  • 3 Quiz

Section 8 : Taking Action And Optimizing Your Product

  • 1 Converting With Social Media Trends – 06:42
  • 2 Dealing With Shopping Cart Abandonment – 10:24
  • 3 The Key Elements Of Any Product Page – 11:37
  • Quiz

Section 9 : Conversion With PPC

  • 1 Conversion With PPC – 09:34
  • 2 Quiz

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